What can Jan Visser offer...?

Design of a Tamper Evident Security Bag

Design of a security bag

Design of Courier (Flyer) bag

Design of a self-seal bag

Selection of Tamper Evident features

Selection of materials such as adhesive and/or release liner.

Guidance for selection of system and equipment to apply adhesive

Guidance to make the decision for which glue application should to use.

Sequential numbering options and equipment, with or without barcodes.

Design of systems to control sequentially numbering records.

Investigate applications and markets

Suggest new applications and markets.

Suggest suitable machine modifications and attachments.

Draft operating procedures

Implement the new operating procedures.

Train personnel to comply with the new operating procedures (important for the consistency of the products as well as “ISO” rating)

Design “Production control” sheets

Design “Quality Control Sheets”

Design “Quality Control facilities”

Train the personnel to use these documents correctly. (important for post-production analysis and statistics as well as “ISO” rating)

Suggest film formulation guidelines.

Investigate and report on alternative packaging options for the products.

Production lay-out and flow analysis.